Middle Township police had their hands full yesterday according to the Everbridge Nixle emergency notification system.

The police department issued a statement yesterday making residents aware of an accident that occurred on Reeds Beach Road that caused damage to multiple yards and a home in the area. Reportedly, the driver of a silver Chevy pick-up truck lost control of his vehicle after it began to slide across the road and onto the lawn of a resident along Reeds Beach Road. Before it hit the home of 49 Reeds Beach Road, it crashed into a utility pole and caused damage to that.

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Hitting the dwelling itself wasn't, in fact, what cause the truck to finally come to a complete halt. It was only after colliding head-on with a tree that the 2010 Silverado finally stopped. Shockingly and luckily enough, neither the driver, Steven Anderson from Franklinville, nor his passenger, Christopher Watson had any life threatening injuries. Anderson suffered from something minor, police said, but what exactly that injury is wasn't mention in the emergency notification system alert. The passenger reported no injuries and both men denied any kind of medical evaluation.

The incident happened on Thursday, March 18th in the late afternoon. No word yet on whether or not the power had been knocked out from the surrounding homes after Anderson struck the utility pole. Besides the home the truck had hit, the surrounding properties only saw minor damage to their yards as a result of the whole ordeal.

To read more about the incident, click HERE.

Source: local.nixle.com

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