One of South Jersey's best day trips can be had at the legendary Cape May Zoo.

Opened in 1978, the Cape May Zoo is home to over 550 animals. It's nestled deep in the heart of Middle Township off Route 9, the zoo and the park cover a combined 200+ acres.

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The zoo has been loved by locals and shoobies alike for over 45 years. It's been a staple of the communities in Cape May County since it first opened. I've been making annual trips to the Cape May Zoo since I can remember. The first trip I can recall was back when I was 4 year old. I know I've been there a lot sooner than that, but I was too young to recall anything. I remember loving sitting in my stroller and looking at the lions. I'd say the lions are still my favorite part of the exhibit to this day.

There are plenty of animals the call the Cape May Zoo home. The free-flying aviary is one of the coolest things you'll experience at the zoo. There are so many birds that live within the park that fly around the vicinity all day. There are others, however, that have been at the zoo for so long that they don't get a lot of air time. Believe it or not, some of the birds that live at the Cape May Zoo are older than your parents.

Today, we're celebrating the oldest animal in the Cape May Zoo, Princess the Condor! She now 71-years-old. That makes her the oldest animal in the park!

Happy Birthday, Princess!

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Gallery Credit: Erin Vogt

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