It's the most adorable and appropriate story to look back on for a Throwback Thursday.

A few years ago, the internet went wild over a little girl completely overwhelmed with emotion after finally being reunited with her military father. It happened right here in South Jersey, Mays Landing, to be exact.

It was all over the news. Do you remember it? Here's the backstory:

Back in April of 2019, a St. Vincent DePaul student was sitting in the middle of class when in walks her father, Navy Gunner's Mate Second Class Frank Lockett, walked in and gave her the shock of her life. That kindergartener was little Ava who, at the time, had absolutely no idea when she would see her father again.

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At the time of the reunion, Mate Second Class Lockett had been gone for about a year. That's a long time for a five year old to go without seeing her daddy. It was clear how excited they both were when Ava's dad walked into the classroom. The internet shed some happy tears when they saw the video of the two sharing that first embrace after such a long time apart.

Thanks to, we all got to share in the delight of the father and daughter's joyful, albeit tearful reunion.



See! It's hard not shed a tear watching that, right? Sometimes, you have to shout-out some heartwarming moments, especially in the midst of everything that's currently going on.

We told you it was the best #throwbackthursday story ever.


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