Two local police officers will be receiving recognition as National Law Enforcement Officers of the Month in a ceremony in Washington D.C. on May 24th.

Being honored are Officers Daniel Krause and Laura Winkle. Both will have their names read by President Obama at the ceremony. They also recently received awards from the Cape Atlantic 200 Club,

According to a release from the Absecon Police Department, Krause and Winkle are being honored for their live saving efforts following an auto accident last year:

On April 5, 2013 at 5:17 pm, Officer’s Daniel Krause and Laura Winkel 
responded to a motor vehicle accident on Rt. 30 in front of the Home Depot
in Absecon. The lone vehicle involved, had reportedly lost control
and overturned into a water retention pond in front of the shopping
center. The vehicle was completely submerged in 4 feet of water, only 
the tires and undercarriage was visible. Two of the four passengers
were able to free themselves, with the remaining two passengers 
still seat belted and trapped inside the vehicle.
Officers Krause and Winkel immediately removed and secured their
gun belts in their vehicle and dove into the cold water in full 
uniform. Officer Winkel was able to remove the third passenger
from the vehicle and take that person to land where emergency
medical personnel attended to the victim. Officer Krause then 
reached inside of the vehicle, cutting the seatbelt off of the
fourth passenger and removing them from the vehicle as well.  
    Officers Daniel Krause and Laura Winkel went above and 
beyond the call of duty when they risked their own lives by 
jumping into the cold water in full uniform, cutting off the
safety belts and removing two passengers from the submerged vehicle.