Well, this is different.

Police in Winslow Township are looking for a group of people who allegedly stole some golf clubs from Jersey Devil Golf and Fun Center on Route 73.

Now, if one were to steal brand new, or almost new SETS of GOLF CLUBS, that might be very valuable. One questions, though, the purpose of stealing just a few single clubs - unless there's some unknown black market for random used golf clubs.

Anyhow, Winslow Township Police are on the case, and have resorted to naming the golf-club-stealers, "Chip and Putz Crew." Alternate names are "BBB Bogie Bad Boys", "Club Bandits" or the "Mulligan Marauders."

Police have posted this video of the "gang":

Wake up, Chip and friends! It's 2021 and camera are EVERYWHERE!

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