I often share random thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, but I thought I'd save time and put them all right here for you.

Did you witness a UFO in South Jersey last night? Let us know! Here's what one listener posted on my Facebook page this morning:

I didn't see it but my daughter was driving home and encountered it along with at least 15 other cars who all stopped dead. She panicked and forgot to take a video and instead call her boyfriend who is a cop in Franklinville. She said it looked like three separate things from 55 but when she exited in Malaga, it was one large thing with purple lights high over the lake then sped off. She was shook up and she's 28 so she's not a baby. Just wondered if anyone else reported it.

So, in Atlantic City the state takeover continues. The state of New Jersey is taking over Atlantic City's finances because the city can't handle it's finances. To aid in this endeavor, the state has now hired the current city business administrator. Isn't he one of the guys who got us into this mess?

How about the guy caught breaking into a house of a 91-year-old Northfield woman. She pretty much kicked his ass. How does that story play out down at the jail?

I've got Eric Church tickets to give away tonight! Come see me at the Wonder Bar in Atlantic City between 6 and 8 PM!

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