A witness is reporting recently seeing some kind of unexplained flying object - or objects over the skies of Wildwood, New Jersey.

In a witness report filed with the National UFO Reporting Center, the unnamed witness reported seeing two UFOs:

"They looked like satellites, just two little dots of light. However, they moved super fast across the sky and did not move in a straight path. They seemed to be chasing each other, almost like insects. They were side by side with one just a little behind the other. I saw them for only a few seconds and then lost them over the water as they faded from view. They were moving southeast. It was a clear night and a little chilly."

The witness reporting seeing the objects a few minutes before 11 pm on Saturday, June 18th. The person says they saw what they saw while standing on the balcony of their Shore house. They say they saw the two lights moving "super fast" and they did not move in a straight line.

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Wait a minute. Saturday, June 18th.

That was the night of the third day of the Barefoot Country Music Fest on the beach in Wildwood. At about 11 pm, the duo Florida Georgia Line was performing on the Barefoot stage.

While they were performing (and during the duration of the festival) there were ofter several drones hovering and flying above the concert area - taking videos of the event.

Could that have been what sparked the UFO report? It's certainly probable, right? The way some of those drones glide through the sky could certainly look odd against the backdrop of a night sky.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The witness does not specify where in Wildwood there were standing - or in which direction they saw what they say, but can't it at least be possible that it was some concert-covering drones?

SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Center.

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