This daily dose of good comes from Nicole Cuminti on behalf of a lovely woman named Donna from Ventnor.

Back in July, Donna received a not-so-nice letter in the mail from an anonymous source regarding the state of her lawn. You can see the hurtful note here:

Donna has been through so much, and really isn't able to maintain her lawn like she used to, since she was diagnosed with breast cancer and recently underwent a radical mastectomy. The chemo has also caused both of her hips to fail, one of which she just had replaced and is scheduled to have the other done soon. In which case, she relies heavily on a very supportive community of friends to help out.

According to Donna's community, she obviously doesn't deserve to be sad, she deserves to be happy! As does everyone--That being said, Nicole's biggest goal in all of this is:

To raise awareness in how we should support each other as neighbors and focus on asking each other how we can help each other to rebuild that sense of community.

Therefore, she created a go-fund-me page to help fund  a bulk pack of 60 bright pink lawn flamingos for Donna's lawn, that she believes will brighten up her day.

With a small goal of $200, the Ventnor City Community was able to donate all that and more to help out a neighbor in need of a little extra dose of good!

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