Thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Cat Country Great Pumpkin Drop had to be done a little differently this year.

Without a crowd watching we did drop a big pumpkin from 107.3 feet.

It happened this week in the parking lot of Bernie Robbins Jewelers on New Road (Route 9) in Somers Point.

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Prior to going up on the ladder truck, we filled the pumpkin with 107 numbered Cat Balls. Each ball had been "won" by a Cat Country listener over the past couple of weeks.

Targets were marked on the ground, and the Cat Balls that ended up closest to the targets would win their "owners" a prize.

A big thank you to the Somers Point #1 Fire Department for giving our pumpkin (and our Jahna) a ride 107.3 feet up in the air. Thanks also to Bernie Robbins Jewelers for hosting our event in a socially distant way.

Again, sorry you couldn't be there, but here's the next best thing:

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