I should have drank more before we made the video, that's for sure.

At the recent Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood, Walker Hayes played to a huge crowd. He sang his latest hit, "A.A", as well as his monster hit "Fancy Like."

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I first met Walker a bunch of years ago, when he was just launching his music career. We actually took him to Somers Point for one of our Cat Country Backyard BBQ's. He was an enthusiastic performer then, as he is now.

Thanks to input from his kids, he's incorporated a little dancing into his show - and that dancing has spread and become a "thing." Check this video, featuring his fans:

So, naturally, when Walker was in Wildwood, Jahna and I asked him to teach me to dance:

Well, I tried!
Thanks Walker Hayes! I'll wait for your call to dance in your next video!

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We had fun!

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