Okay, so if you can actually call yourself a New Jersey resident, then you are already aware of the fact that North Jersey is anything but cheap.

Well, apparently one Youtuber had no idea, because one video names a bunch of towns in both North and Central Jersey as some of the cheapest places to live in the state. Obviously, that can't be true, because North Jersey is the most expensive place to raise a family within the parameters of the Garden State.

Listen, regardless of which section of the state they're from, New Jersey residents are well aware of the fact that almost nowhere within the Garden State can be deemed as "cheap" when comparing the cost of living to that basically anywhere else in the country. We already know, people.... Jersey's expensive!

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With that being said, we also know that South Jersey is usually the most affordable region within the state to plant some roots. So, for this video to claim to have provided a list of the ten cheapest places to live within the Garden State, well, that's just a false statement.

There was, technically, one South Jersey town named in the video. The only problem with that specific town is that it's one of the most expensive in the region.

The video claims that Haddonfield in Camden County is one of the cheapest places to raise a family in the Garden State. I'm from Gloucester County and went to a Catholic high school in Camden County (with the help of a scholarship), so I know that area pretty well. To say that Haddonfield is one of the most inexpensive places to raise a family is such an erroneous statement that it's almost laughable.

Sure, if you think not being able to find a house under $300k is cheap, then maybe it is for your standards. By the way, Realtor.com shows that the current median price for a home in Haddonfield is about $600k. Still, for most people who don't make more than six figures a year, there's no way they'd be able to raise their families in Haddonfield and not be house poor.

One thing is clear, whoever made this video is definitely NOT a New Jersey native. WATCH:

Source: Youtube

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