This deer was not messing around when he found a young girl that he became stuck to like glue... check out the video below...

via Humanity Life Facebook

First of all, Mr. Deer, not sure if you're blind but, she's definitely not your type... lol

In all seriousness, though, these young girls are lucky to have walked away unscathed. While this buck looks young, its hooves and antlers could've still done A LOT of damage.

In the comments section of Humanity Life's Facebook post, people are suggesting that what happened was the young girl was either PMSing or she was right in the middle of her cycle. Women produce high levels of estrogen during this time that male deer are hypersensitive to. Especially when they're trying to find a mate.

This girl is lucky to have escaped without any injury. If the deer's behavior had gotten any more rough, she would've been leaving the scene in an ambulance rather than her friend's car.

Souce: Facebook