This morning the Sea Turtle Recovery released 4 turtles on the beach in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. One of those turtles was a 250 pound Loggerhead sea turtle named Tammie. She was found with 5 cuts from propellers, which were infected. 38 pounds of barnacles and mussels were removed. One of the other turtles was Glacier, a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, who had a fractured ulna and radius.

Sea Turtle Recovery scheduled the release of the 4 turtles for today (Sept. 5) at around 7:00-7:30 this morning. Things got started shortly after 7:30 AM with a large crowd cheering on the previously injured/ill turtles.

For the 3 smaller turtles, the rescuers walked them down the lines of people to give everyone a closer look. For Tammie, however, it took 6 people and some ingenuity to move her closer to the water.

Watch the sea turtle release here:

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