Happy Shark Week! Shark Week is celebrating it's 30th anniversary of teaching us about an animal that many people are terrified of. I wouldn't say I am afraid of sharks, but I always make sure there are people in front of me when I'm in the ocean. I feel more comfortable with a barrier just to be safe.

To celebrate Shark Week I made the plunge and got up close an personal with sharks. Yes, I chose to come face to face with a tank full of sharks. I went to Adventure Aquarium in Camden to spend the day with sharks and stingrays. I would never call myself an adrenaline junky or a daredevil, but there isn't much I wouldn't do for a video.

Adventure Aquarium offers a shark and ray in-water encounter, where you come face to face with sharks and rays. I won't lie by saying I wasn't a tad nervous. I kept telling everyone and myself that I've never seen a shark attack any fish in the tank because they are well fed.

It was oddly calming getting in a tank with 24 sharks with no glass between us and them. They seemed so peaceful. The stingrays were lively, like a dog when you come home from work.

Thank you to Adventure Aquarium for having us!

See the experience here:

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