Take the most annoying children's song of the last two years and make the military sing it. I dare you not to laugh.

If you're not familiar with military cadences, they're basically songs used to keep units in step when marching together. The rhythm of the cadence makes it easier for the unit to march in unison.

If you are familiar with cadences, you've definitely heard of "Mama, Mama Can't You See", "My Grandma", and "Fired Up". This particular unit veered away from the traditional cadences in favor of the most famous (and annoying) children's song of the last two years. Lucky for us, it was captured on video.... and it's hilarious.

Hysterical, right? The comments are even funnier. If you haven't read them, you're urged to do so. Some people agree that it's funny, others are making statements about "the state of our country" and asking "what is the country coming to?" My response: lighten up! Military life is HARD! Moments like this make the normal, everyday routine a bit more entertaining. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with that.

Source: Facebook

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