South Jersey is not only unique, it's opinionated. We do our own thing and go our own way, and have the things that just make sense to those of us who live here. So, we asked for suggestions on what South Jersey's official slogan could be.

Some South Jersey residents would very much like you to stop referring to Pork Roll as Taylor Ham. Some would very much like out-of-state drivers to move out of the left-hand lane and not linger there for all eternity.

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None are likely to apologize for pronouncing water "wooder." And we definitely don't want to be lumped in with anything or anyone to do with North Jersey.

Below, check out 21 suggestions for slogans that could totally apply to South Jersey on any given day.

What South Jersey's Slogan Should Be

We asked you to tell us what you think South Jersey's slogan should be. From pork roll to our driving skills, the answers did not disappoint.

Which is most viable? Got any more suggestions? Let us know!

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