Are you a "true crimes" person who wants to be ready in case something bad ever happens to you?

Are you a forever Boy Scout who always lives by the "be prepared" motto?

Then this may be just for you.

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In case you ever go missing kit

Now available on the internet: it's your very own "If I ever go missing" kit.

Now I've heard of precautions you take with kids - like getting them fingerprinted and having their photo taken in case they ever go missing, but this is for adults!

Are you living life thinking something bad will happen to you, eventually?

This might be for you.

Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash
Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

What's in the kit

The kit can be used for not only you but also for your loved ones. It gathers several pieces of key information, so it's handy just in case something happens.

Included in the kit are places to keep hair samples, medical details and records, fingerprints, and more.

Labels guide you on what to keep in case the unthinkable happens, like passwords and alarm codes, copies of passports and driver's licenses.

The kit keeps it all in one handy binder that your loved ones can show the authorities when you "disappear."

The cost of the In Case I Go Missing kit

The price seems reasonable - $48.00, and you can order it and find out more here.

Just imagine how your loved ones' eyes will light up when they walk in the house and see the kit sitting on the kitchen table!

Good idea or a little excessive? What do you think?

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