A West Creek man is in Atlantic County Jail as the result of apparent fuel thefts locally, and throughout the state.

Robert Bailey, 47, was arrested yesterday morning and charged with Aggravated Arson, Theft, Burglary and Criminal Mischief.

Egg Harbor Township Police released this information about the arrest and the charges facing Bailey:

The suspect, Robert Bailey, used modified vehicles to siphon the fuel from above, and
in-ground storage tanks. The vehicles could also transport the fuel from the scene
of the thefts. One of the modified vehicles had been impounded in January 7th and stored at the Egg Harbor Township Police Department Tow lot. On January 15th, that same vehicle was set on fire after entry was gained to the tow lot. The ensuing fire/explosions damaged other vehicles inside the tow lot. The search warrant located another
modified vehicle that also could be used for the theft of fuel products, which
was seized.
Numerous police agencies were involved in the investigation and execution of the search warrant.


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