You've probably heard more than a few times at this point about beached whales all along the Jersey coastline. It's been devastating to hear time after time about whales washing up either dead, injured, or both onto our beaches here in the Garden State.

A lot of people are convinced that whatever research they're doing to plan for the windmills they're trying to build along the coast is what's causing all the destruction. The whales are dying for a reason, right? Most believe it's because of the work they're doing to make sure these windfarms become a reality here along the coastline of the Garden State.

Experts have already sworn up and down, multiple times, in fact, that the preparations for the windfarm construction has nothing to do with the deaths of various sea life over the past few months. The public has been assured that most of the marine life deaths have been caused by sea vessels. That's more common to hear about. Still, not everyone is convinced that's true.

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In an effort to preserve as much marine life as possible, it's been revealed that NOAA Fisheries has confirmed a nice chunk of change will be used to preserve the existence of the whales here in the northern Atlantic Ocean. That's great news considering they're considered endangered. All the beached whales the state has witnessed this year doesn't help the cause, either.

The money is coming from Biden's Inflation Reduction Act.

It couldn't be coming at a better time, either, because there are apparently less than 70 females that are fit to reproduce. According to, that information is coming straight from the mouths of scientists working for the government. For people wanting to see something proactively done to secure the future of whales here along the Jersey coastline, this is great news.


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