The outcome is quite shocking...

You heard me....


I left my phone at home by mistake as I scurried out of the house for work...

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM

...And as you can see, the concept is most unfathomable to other Millennials.

However, I got to work and finally assessed the situation. So, rather then going back home for my phone I decided to stick out the day.




And believe it or not... I lived! AND I even went to the gym! I found it to be a very refreshing and therapeutic detox from technology and an opportunity to embrace reality.

Incase you're truly afraid to part from your device due to what the consequences may be, have no fear because I can tell you EXACTLY what feelings/emotions happen, play-by-play.

I documented my thought process, actions and emotions as the day went on and pretty much here's what happens to a millennial who forgets their phone:

The Initial Stage

4:59am- [come into work and unload my bag] " phone. Whatever, it's early. I'll go fill up my water bottle and come back when I'm not hallucinating."

5:03am - [frantically rummaging through my tote]
"Wait, seriously. Where the heck is my phone?"

5:03:30am- [staring blankly at a wall]
"Dead ass, I remember putting that thing in my bag....right?"

5:04am- "What if I dropped it on my way to the car...Nah that thing weighs like 8 pounds I would have heard it"

5:06am- I told Joe the situation, so he called it. But there was no noise, and no answer.

5:10am-[runs down to parking lot to check if it fell in car] "Welp, it's not in here so it has to be at home"

5:11am- [runs back upstairs to the studio] "But just to be sure i'll do find my iPhone from my laptop"

5:12am- [find my iPhone determines the phone is still at home] *sigh*--Joe then asks if I would like to go back and get it. I thought about it, and I didn't feel like getting back in the car to go out of my way and waste gas so, I said no thank you.

The Acceptance Stage

5:30am- "Well...this is gonna suck. How am I supposed to snapchat everyone and let them know that I forgot my phone? oh....wait."

5:31am- "I guess I'm ok on the texting and web browsing front since I have iMessage on my laptop. And I have that so that's a plus."

6:00am- ME:  "Damn, the gym is really gonna stuck without my phone to play music"
JOE: "Why don't you just go home to get it before the gym"
ME: "Ugh but the gym is on my way home, whatever I'll live"

10:00am- [I continue to blog for two hours, without my phone]

12:00pm- I prepare to leave work by letting everyone know--that I've been texting via my computer-- that I was leaving and going to the gym without wifi so I'd be out of contact for a couple of hours

The Muscle Memory Stage

12:15pm-[sitting outside the gym in my car] I feel the itch of wanting to reach over to my phone and procrastinate from going inside (since that's what I usually do) but I couldn't. Which sucked. So I went inside

12:30pm- I reached into my gym bag and walked throughout the gym with my headphones up to my elliptical when I realized I had nothing to plug my head phones into...

The Realization of Reality Stage

12:45pm- Ok the sound of my panting is REALLY annoying. But any human would feel that way right? Like, not just millennials.

12:50pm- There's a women over on the stationary bike reading her text messages... I'm jealous. And bored. But alive.

1:00pm- Looking outside to try and pass the time is interesting. But people watching is more fun instead. However, by the looks I'm getting I'm starting to feel like people don't really like being looked at... WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY WHY CAN'T WE COMMUNICATE AND JUST SMILE JEEZ.

1:20pm-Ok, I'm bored. Time to go home and reunite with my phone.

The Reunion Stage

One would think that this would be a tad more dramatic but it wasn't.

  • First, I said hello to my dog.
  • Second, I went to the bathroom
  • Third, I went to search where my phone would be and it wasn't there. So I semi-panicked but then eventually found it in the kitchen.

I caught up on what I missed for quite literally just 5 minutes...then took my dog for a walk.




Shocking isn't it?! Although the struggle did get a little real once I was off the laptop, believe it or not; it's truly refreshing to be without your phone once in a while.

So Millennials--give it a try. I promise you'll feel like a new person

And Baby Boomers--give millennials a break. Some can actually look up.

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