Oh, how I love this gal already! Chelsea Corrine is such a beautiful soul. If you don't know her, make it a priority to do so. She's the biggest sweetheart with an even bigger heart. Not to mention, she's a woman of many talents!

Not only is she Cat's midday queen, but she's an amazing video editor! I'm completely obsessed with all of her Youtube videos. If you haven't seen them, check them out here!

I've discovered a few facts about her during my first week here at Cat that you may not know about her...

1) She was a Girl Scout.

I've included this fun fact for a reason. I hesitate to say Chelsea was a Girl Scout because it seems grammatically incorrect to me. Why? It's more like this girl never left them at all! I mean she's basically a lifer! This girl's been EVERYWHERE with the organization and has contributed so much to the community during her time with the Scouts. She's even traveled to Australia. She attributes most of the epic experiences of her childhood to the scouts and is still an active member of the organization. Her mom even works for them!

2) She works multiple jobs.

I'm not referencing her video production, here. Chelsea also works for a local band in her hometown! This is one busy lady!

3) Chelsea's got a mini baby!

No, not an actual baby. She drives a new super cute Mini Cooper! I was so excited to hear about her new baby until I learned why she recently bought a new car. Chelsea got in a bad car accident a few months ago in which her old car was completely totaled. Her positive attitude towards the entire situation mind-blowing and extremely refreshing. I try and look at everything from a glass-half-full point of view, so discovering a similar soul so quickly within the building was very comforting.

Bottom line: So far, I'm loving what I'm learning about this incredibly talented young woman. Can't wait to know more! In the meantime, make sure to check her out!

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