Hey there, I’m Chelsea Corrine the new midday host on Cat Country 107.3! I am very excited to join the Cat Country team. 

Here are some random facts to get to know me better.

  • 1

    “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” by Blake Shelton is THE song that got me into country music.

  • 2

    I am a very proud Whovian.

    If you are sitting there thinking what the heck is that...it means I LOVE/OBSESS over the show Doctor Who...a British sci-fi show about a time traveler. I am a sucker for an accent.

  • 3

    I grew up as a dancer.

    Ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and Irish Step. I did Irish Step Dancing from the age of 6 through high school. Now you can find me out on the dance floor in my boots line dancing.

  • 4

    Born and raised in Toms River, never wanting to leave.

    I grew up going to the beach no matter what the weather was...raining, cold, cloudy. None of that mattered.

  • 5

    I have a large cowboy boot collection.

    I own 11 pairs as of right now. That could change by tomorrow.

  • 6

    I could sit and watch movies all day long, especially if they are black and white.

    My favorite movie is Bringing Up Baby with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, a very close second would be Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn could do no wrong.

  • 7

    I am a makeup enthusiast.

    That sounds better than hoarder right?

  • 8

    I am and will always be a registered Girl Scout.

    I have been a Girl Scout since I was in Kindergarten and registered as a life member after high school. Girl Scouts is the reason I got into radio. I traveled all over the country during my time as a girl member, 38 U.S. states. I also visited 4 Canadian provinces and 2 Australian territories.

  • 9

    I volunteered at a nature center in Toms River for most of my childhood.

    I worked with reptiles. Steve Irwin was my hero as a kid.

  • 10

    I am goofy and quirky and I am ok with that.

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