Today I am celebrating my one year anniversary at Cat Country 107.3. This past year has been amazing. I want to thank everyone who has made me feel welcome and at home here. From day one, I knew Cat Country listeners were special.

Over this past year I have been in a biplane, ate pickle popsicles, put cat litter on my face, wrote about addiction, wrote some off the wall articles, and missed a rocket launch I woke up way too early for. It has been such a memorable year I wanted to take time to reflect back on some of my favorite moments. Here we are one year later with my favorite videos/articles I've done over the past year here at Cat Country.

  • TSM

    My First Ever Article.

    My first article I did for Cat Country was a little get to know me one. Read it here.

  • 2

    My First Video.

    My first video was definitely a very personal one. What a woman keeps in her bag is supposed to be a well kept secret. I broke that long standing tradition and showed the world what was in my bag. Let's just say, it was weird.

  • TSM South Jersey
    TSM South Jersey

    I Missed The Stupid Rocket.

    I spent weeks trying to film a rocket launch this summer waking up at 3:30 AM and at the end of it all I failed. The last time I would've had to wake up that early I accidentally fell back to sleep after my alarm went off and missed it. The video attempts are in the article too.

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    I Put Cat Litter On My Face...

    They say do it for the views and over the past year I have pushed myself to see what I wouldn't do for YouTube. I have yet to find that line I won't cross yet.

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    I Argued Where North, South, and Central Jersey Are.

    I argue with people constantly about where north, south, and central Jersey are. If people say Central Jersey doesn't exist, they bring out the fighting side of me. Read it here.

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    I Spent My 4th Of July In a Biplane.

    When I was asked if I would ride in a biplane, I didn't hesitate to say yes. The views of LBI from the plane were absolutely beautiful.

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    I Created a Local Survival Guide For The Summer.

    Summers in South Jersey can be very hectic. The Shoobies come in and somewhat disrupt the regular flow of things. I've enjoyed writing tongue and cheek articles this past year. Read it here.

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    I Wrote A Song.

    I wrote a (better) new Christmas carol that South Jersey could be proud of. "The 12 Days of South Jersey" is sure to be a hit one day. I made a karaoke video for you so you can sing it next year.

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    I Annoyed My Co-Workers.

    I enjoyed torturing my co-workers a little bit this football season. While I am not an Eagles fan, most of the people I work with are. I pranked them while showing some love to the Vikings and Patriots.

  • via Paramount Pictures
    via Paramount Pictures

    I Wrote About One Of My Favorite Movies.

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    I Ate A Lot.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    I Confronted Addiction.

    This was an article I was very proud of after I wrote it and I am still proud of. Read it here.

  • TSM Chelsea Corrine
    TSM Chelsea Corrine

    I Spent Weekends Visiting South Jersey's Best.

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