Welcome back to another The Internet Made Me Do It, where I test out something weird I found online. Today, I tested out Peeps play dough just in time for Easter.

I love crafting. Sit me down with a coloring book and some colored pencils and I am set for the day. I love the adult coloring book craze, it speaks to my soul. So when I found out you could make play dough with Peeps my inner child's ears perked up and did a very uncoordinated happy dance. The excitement was too much for her rhythm.

The instructions were easy and required only 3 things, Peeps, oil, and corn starch. Anyone could do this right? Well, I set out to find out if this worked or too good to be true. If you have extra Peeps you can try this out with your kids, or try it on a Friday night by yourself like I did. Don't judge me. However, who has extra Peeps?

Want to see if this internet "hack" worked? Watch below! Don't forget to subscribe to Cat Country 107.3 on YouTube and hit the notification bell. Plus, comment what weird internet hack I should try next.

Watch It Here:

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