Today is a sad day for the fashion community, renowned designer Hubert de Givenchy passed away at age 91. Givenchy had a wildly successful and memorable career in fashion, with one dress leaving a major impact on the fashion world.

As someone who has watched Breakfast at Tiffany's close to 1,000 times, I don't think I am exaggerating all that much, the black Givenchy dress Audrey Hepburn wears at the beginning of the film has been a dress I have desired. While the dress has very little screen time, it is without a doubt iconic. Most of the marketing materials used for the movie showcased that famous black dress.

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Givenchy created the wardrobes for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's as well as Funny Face. Hepburn was also the inspiration for Givenchy's first perfume l’Interdit. Arguably, that little black dress catapulted Givenchy into the American market. The phrase "little black dress" has become synonymous with Givenchy.

It is hard to imagine Audrey eating her pastry in front of Tiffany's in any other dress, but that classic gown. Unfortunately, people don't dress like they did in 1961. Hepburn's character, Holly Golightly, is wearing that gown while having a night out on the town. You won't see too many people wearing long black gowns, long black gloves, and dripping in jewelry while going out in Manhattan. What would she be wearing if the movie was set in 2018? I weep to think of it.

You could imagine Holly would be going to a more upscale venue, since her taste in men is men with money. She was a quote "a free spirit, a wild thing" and didn't like to fall into the stereotypes society would place on a woman. I scrolled through so many fashion icons of today to get an idea of what the leading ladies are wearing. I made the heartbreaking decision that since Holly liked to think of herself as a free spirit she wouldn't be wearing a dress at all. I found three black jumpsuits that could be used for Holly's night life today.

The first I chose was by the designer Balmain. I specifically chose this designer because Givenchy and Balmain were friends.

The thigh high slit, made popular again by Angelina Jolie, is a popular fashion choice for today. A thigh high slit is also found in the original posters for the movie, although is not actually in the famous black dress.

My next choice reminded me of the gown Audrey wore in the movie Sabrina. In that film Hepburn wore a gown with a straight strapless neck line, very much like the neckline of this next jumpsuit. There was also something about the bows that attracted my eyes and off the shoulders are very much in style right now.

My final choice, is also my favorite choice. This jumpsuit by Brandon Maxwell is very reminiscent of that famous little black dress by Givenchy. The neckline of the jumpsuit has the same feel as the back of the Givenchy gown. It is quite simple and could be dressed up with jewelry like Holly did in the movie.

While all these jumpsuits are perfectly fine, I don't think they are half as nice at the iconic Givenchy. This may be my own personal opinion and many may argue, but I don't think there will be a gown more iconic than that little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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