The weather app on your phone said it was going to rain today, so you canceled your fun outdoor plans.

And..... the sun was shining all day, and it never even looked like it was going to rain.

What happened?

Well, it could be that the weather app you're using isn't very accurate.

Photo by Seadil Hakim on Unsplash
Photo by Seadil Hakim on Unsplash
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There's a website - Forecast Advisor - that can help you out! The website will take some information from you - your zip code - and then it spits out a number of weather apps and forecasters, telling you which one is more accurate for your area.

Pretty cool, right?

***This is where I throw a pitch in for our own radio meteorologist Dan Zarrow! Dan's forecasts are incredibly accurate and can be heard on your favorite radio station! (By the way, Forecast Advisor does not take Dan Zarrow into account in its analyses.)

Forecast Advisor uses a number of factors in analyzing weather data and various forecasters.

Photo by mosi knife on Unsplash
Photo by mosi knife on Unsplash

I used the site to find the most accurate forecaster when it comes to Egg Harbor Township.

It found that The Weather Channel's forecasts for the township are the most accurate. The Weather Channel is accurate 85.22% of the time.

It's followed by Weather Underground (83.87%), Aeris Weather (80.91%), and Foreca/Vaisala (77.69%). AccuWeather comes in at 75.86%.

Interestingly, if you're using a weather tool called Persistence, you might want to reconsider the choice. It's accurate just 38.38% of the time. Ha!

We haven't tested many local places to find the most accurate forecast, but you can certainly do that.

Here's hoping you have a nice, sunny day!

SOURCE: Forecast Advisor.

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