Over the past few months many women have stepped out and said #MeToo. Women from all backgrounds and ages have come out to tell the world their story. Both celebrities and the average woman have put faces to the accused, many of them being men who are powerful in their prospective field.

The reactions on social media have been varied.

I won't lie by saying throughout the past few months I have never had my doubts and never thought this was a bit of a witch hunt. Then I sat and really thought about it. I am 26 and throughout my teenage and adult life I have had many circumstances in which a man came a little too close, put his hand on me, or said something wildly inappropriate that made me feel uncomfortable.

I won't lie by saying throughout the past few months I have never thought that they are making mountains out of molehills, they should just move on. Then I sat and really thought about it. Why should I, or any woman, ever feel uncomfortable in that way by a man? I don't think it's asking too much of the men of the world to act with a bit of class and decorum. This isn't asking them to act any different than they already should be.

I should take a moment right now and make it clear I feel the same way about women as well. We, as humans, should have more respect for one another.

The excuse boys will be boys is unacceptable. People seem to use this excuse. However, I can almost guarantee that if one of these women was theit mother, daughter, or wife they would feel differently. So no, boys will not be boys.

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I have seen on many occasions people asking why these men have been fired based on "accusations." They have used the phrase innocent until proven guilty many of times. Let's think about this for a moment in the case of Matt Lauer. NBC is a large company, this is no mom and pop shop that doesn't have high paid lawyers on hand at all times. NBC would not fire an employee based on pure allegations of this type. If they did fire him without more than just pure allegations, which then turn out to be false, Lauer's lawyers would sue NBC and everyone involved. Just because we are hearing of these allegations for the first time with little details does not mean there isn't much more to the story that NBC knows that the general public does not.

As days pass after these stories break more and more details come to light and the accused come forward admitting to the allegations.

The next thing I have seen on social media is the question of why they waited so long.

I was surprised to see that many women did not wait. The cases were reported at the time however nothing was done about it. One woman speaking out here and there wasn't enough to make a difference. It took an army of women to come forward at once to say enough is enough things need to change.

These women are not to be blamed, they have done nothing wrong. These men have done this and ruined their careers all on their own.

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