...When it's cold. Yes, I know this is a crazy click-bait article. I am not sorry about it. Since I have you here, I need to vent. Trust me you'll be on my side when I explain. Cold food is great, except for macaroni and cheese.

Seriously though how come some food taste better the day after, straight out of the fridge? I love cold beef lo mein. The beef cold is better than it is hot. Call me crazy, but I love it. Cold pizza is great for breakfast. Cold ham is yummy, as is chicken. However, when it comes to cold macaroni and cheese...unbearable.

Mac and cheese is my favorite food of all time. I love Kraft mac and cheese, homemade mac and cheese, KFC mac and cheese...you get the point. Every year for my birthday I have fish sticks and Kraft macaroni and cheese because I'm clearly 9-years-old. HOWEVER, do not think about handing me cold mac and cheese because that stuff is the WORST.

Am I over exaggerating? Nope. I am not a picky eater by any means, I'll pretty much eat anything. Cold macaroni and cheese is vile. I have tried to eat it and could not take more than one bite. What happens to the best food on earth that when it's cold it becomes the worst food on earth? It's a cruel, cruel world.

I tried to scour the internet to see if anyone agreed with me. I couldn't even find a Reddit post. I asked around and most people I asked had the same look of disgust when I asked how they felt about cold mac and cheese. That was enough scientific research for me.

Next time you have leftover mac and cheese in the fridge, do not think about eating it cold. You just might be a psychopath if you like cold mac and cheese, just throwing that out there.

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