Happy October 3rd aka Mean Girls Day!

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Yes, I understand that is quite a bold statement. Yes, it is a little click-baity. Do I really think Mean Girls is the BEST movie ever created?

To be honest...no. Do I think it's great? Absolutely.

I can't think of a movie that is more regularly quoted.

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Think about it for a moment...

"I'm a mouse...duh." (One year for Halloween I wore a tank that had that quote, a bow tie, mouse ears, and did my makeup to embody that quote.)

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"Is butter a card?"

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"On Wednesdays we wear pink."

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"So if you're from Africa, why are you white?"

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"So fetch."

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"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." (It took me years to realize that Regina's mom was Amy Poehler.)

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I could go on, but we will end the endless Mean Girls' quotes there.

It was the height of Lindsay Lohan. The Lindsay before the fall.

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I miss the redheaded Lindsay.

The movie gave the classing "Jingle Bell Rock" a whole new meaning. I find myself mimicking the dance the Plastics choreographed every time I hear it.

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We got Amy Poehler and Tina Fey together in one movie. Yes, I know this has happened again, but this was back in the day!

Mean Girls also gave us Amanda Seyfried pre Nicholas Sparks and Mamma Mia!

For Rachel McAdams this was pre-Nicholas Sparks as well. The Notebook came out June 25th 2004, Mean Girls came out April 30th 2004. What a busy year for her.

This movie, while a teenage comedy taught a valuable lesson in the end.

Lindsay's character Cady won Spring Fling Queen. Rather that take the spotlight all for herself, she broke the crown she won and shared it with the other girls.

So go out and celebrate October 3rd! Celebrate the best movie ever made, Mean Girls.

Rock those army pants and flip flops and compliment people by saying "so fetch."

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