There are a few things in life you should try at least once. One of these things is going to the movies alone. I used to be one of those people who would never imagine doing certain things alone. I was afraid that I would feel uncomfortable or that people would look at me weird. I spent a weekend a few years ago breaking that feeling and I am so glad that I did.

A few years ago I spend a weekend doing things alone. I was petrified to do it, but I thought to myself it would be a good thing to break out of my comfort zone. The weekend started with going to the movies alone. I went and saw The Best of Me, a Nicholas Spark movie. I cried my eyes out sitting alone and feeling great. I thought seeing a sad movie and crying alone would make me feel weird, but it didn't. I then spent the next day walking around and shopping in Smithville. I went to a restaurant and had lunch by myself. This was the true test, but I really enjoyed it.

This weekend I wanted to go see Mission: Impossible - Fallout because I'm a pretty big fan of the franchise. I went to the movie all by myself. I've gone to a few movies alone. I've even been the only person in the entire theater, which makes you feel special. I asked some people if they think it's weird to go to the movies alone, which was met by mixed responses. Most people did not think it was weird at all, others did. The responses didn't shock me, but I have to say going to the movies alone is something I highly suggest.

First of all, let's knock of the first obvious reason why going to the movies alone is the best. You don't have to coordinate with someone else to go. We live busy lives and trying to find a time to go anywhere with friends poses itself as a difficult task.

You get to choose where you sit. The conversation of where to sit at a movie is a give and take scenario. Both parties know where they want to sit, but neither wants to seem selfish.

It is so relaxing. I don't know what it is about going to the movies alone that makes it relaxing, but it really is. I find myself able to pay attention to the movie more and blocking out the outside world. I get fully enveloped with the movie. I find going to the movies by myself to be more relaxing than going to the beach or reading a good book. Seriously, try it.

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