Over the past few weeks New Jersey has made the headlines for an unfortunate reason. Out of all 50 states, New Jersey has the highest rate of people moving out. More people moved out of New Jersey than moved in. As we are the most densely populated state, this doesn't sound like the worst thing that could happen. However, I am New Jersey's biggest cheerleader and I never want leave.

I won't pretend that New Jersey doesn't have its hang-ups. The biggest hang-up being the cost. New Jersey is extremely expensive, there is no undermining that fact. However, New Jersey has so much to offer in such a small state. After traveling across most of the country, I could never see myself living in any other state. Think I'm crazy? Let me convince you.

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    We have beautiful beaches.

    New Jersey has about 130 miles of coastline. Each beach is unique and has it's own perks. According to VisitNJ.org New Jersey has almost 90 beaching on the ocean, bay, rivers, and lakes. Of those 60 of them are on the ocean.

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    We are close to major cities.

    Some of the biggest and most popular cities in the country are just a short drive away from us. You can be in Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and Washington DC in no time. All of these can be day trips.

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    We have farm fresh food.

    Jersey blueberries, tomatoes, and corn are the best in the country try and change my mind. The nickname for New Jersey is Garden State after all.

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    We have a diverse landscape.

    New Jersey's landscape is so diverse for such a small state. Do you like mountains? We have those! Do you like the beach? We have plenty! Do you want farm land? We have that. Do you want cities? Yup, we have those too.

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    We are one of the best states to raise a family.

    Despite cost, New Jersey checks off all of the important boxes when raising a family. According to WalletHub.com, New Jersey is number 8 on the ranking of best/worst states to raise a family. We ranked in at #26 for family fun, 13th for health and safety, 32nd in socioeconomic, #2 in health and safety, and shockingly #2 in affordability.