Well, winter is technically here, but it doesn't feel like it. New Jersey's weather is all over the place. One day in the winter it will be around 50°, the next it will be around 12°. You could have that variation in temperature in one day. You could start the day with a blizzard and end it with sunny skies and mild temperatures. It really makes no sense.

This winter, so far, we have yet to see much in the snow department. It looks like Jack Frost is on vacation. Sure, we've had a flurry here or there, but nothing to write home about. That being said, how should you prepare yourself for a snowstorm here in New Jersey? I'm so glad you asked.

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  • 1

    Keep Checking the Weather

    Wake up: Check the weather.

    Mid-morning: Check the weather.

    Afternoon: Ask someone what the weather is going to be.

    Late afternoon: Check the weather

    Night: Ask your family to check the weather for you.

  • 2

    Panic About the Prospect of Snow a Week Away

    Have you heard that there is a chance for a snowstorm next week? The only appropriate reaction to this is to immediately panic and keep checking the weather updates religiously. See #1.

  • 3

    Clear Out All Local Stores of Bread, Milk, and Eggs

    How often in your daily routine do you consume an inordinate amount of milk, eggs, and bread? I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say not as often as you think you do before a snowstorm. If you don't have these three essentials will it be an apocalypse situation in your home? Also, how often do you get completely snowed in for days on end here in New Jersey?

  • 4

    Cancel All Future Plans Just in Case

    Is it supposed to snow Thursday and do you have plans for Friday? Well, you might as well cancel those plans by Monday at the latest. Also, for good measure, question your friends' sanity for thinking going out would be a good idea.

  • 5

    Expect Way More Snow Than There Will Be

    Do you think we will get 6 inches of snow? In reality, you should expect 2 inches. Expecting a blizzard? You should actually expect a dusting.

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