If you see a scarf randomly tied around a tree in New Jersey, look again...it may not be so random after all.

It's actually part of a new trend, and it will warm your heart more than you'd realize a simple scarf could.

People are purposely leaving the scarves for the homeless and needy who may need them to survive frigid winter temperatures.

You can join in on this simple act of kindness by tying a scarf on a tree in a park or neighborhood, or anywhere you think someone in need may come across it.

Most of the scarves come with notes that let the finder know it is theirs to take, with messages like, "I'm not lost. Please take me with you to keep warm!"

Whether you hand make scarves or just donate an old one, it's an easy way to help someone else who may be in need. You could even tie a hat and gloves together with the scarf.

There are a lot of people going through hard times in our area, and sometimes the smallest act of kindness can mean the most to someone.

(H/t HeartEternal)

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