Guess this means summer 2020 has officially come to an end.

Wildwood Crest has publicly shared the date they'll shut the lights off.... traffic lights, that is. Once the peak beach season has slipped away from our grasp, the Wildwoods change up traffic patterns so us locals won't have to wait at light after light with no other cars coming in either direction. Makes traveling up and down the island MUCH easier and quicker.

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Wildwood Crest's Facebook page has confirmed that the lights will begin to flash Thursday, October 1st.

Obviously, this doesn't mean we can go speed racing down New Jersey Avenue. Nope, no drag racing allowed. The speed limit is still 25 mph throughout the island. Keep an eye out for others on the road and continue to be considerate of fellow drivers just like you are every single fall, winter, and spring. The start of "flash mode" season, while it's a welcome break from all the traffic, is bittersweet since it means the season is officially over.

Even though this summer didn't include all the summer fun we'd normally have, it's still sad to see it go. Hopefully, we'll be able to enjoy summer 2021 mask-free. With a few more warm weekends in store for us until it REALLY starts to get chilly, we can finally enjoy our beach towns WITHOUT fear of the "what-if". The silver lining at the present is no longer having to worry about shoobies bringing the virus with them from their homes down here to us.

Embrace the blinking lights and enjoy what's left of local summer before the cool temperatures make themselves at home.



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