Not that you need to be any warmer than you've been feeling over the last few days with this insane heat wave we're currently experiencing in South Jersey, but this one will warm your heart.

If you've found yourself losing all faith in humanity over the last few months, well, after hearing what some police officers did for a dying woman from New York this week, hopefully, you'll feel some of that faith restored.

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A man currently living in North Cape May who goes by Michael Alex on Facebook posted some pictures and a video to his page showcasing the amazing day his mother got to experience on the beach in Wildwood Crest this week. He doesn't specify exactly what his mom is suffering from, but only says that she's been dealing with a really awful disease that's left her pretty ill. Long story short, she was in desperate need of a relaxing beach day. Her illness wouldn't allow for her to make it to the beach on her own, so Michael made a call to the Wildwood Crest Police Department and they took it from there.

Not only did Michael's mom get her beach day before she had to return to New York, but she got to ride to the beach in style. The Wildwood Crest police provided her with a police escort onto the sand as well as a pretty sweet set-up courtesy of the Wildwood Crest beach patrol.

This is only one of the aspects that makes South Jersey great. Everyone is willing to pitch in to make each other's day brighter. The Wildwood Crest Police Department did a wonderfully good deed by ensuring Michael's mom was able to put her toes in the sand.  Judging by the pictures and video he posted, she had the time of her life.

Thank you so much to Michael for allowing us to share this story and the beautiful pictures of your smiling mother on her beach day and, of course, to the Wildwood Crest PD and Beach Patrol for making this woman's summer dream come true.

Source: Facebook

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