The latest press release sent to us by the Wildwood Crest Police Department reveals that some Cape May County natives decided to go for a joyride up two counties.

According to the press release, two South Jersey natives reportedly stole a vehicle that made its way all the way up to Brick Township, Ocean County. Naishon T. Price and Anthony Young have been identified as the suspects that broke into the car apparently parked on Ocean Avenue along the 5000 block earlier this month.

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How did the car wind up all the way up the parkway? Luckily, news of the stolen car was sent out to departments all over the state, so the Brick Township Police Department were aware of the missing vehicle and discovered it while in the middle of an investigation for a car accident. One of the cars in that incident just so happened to be the car that had been jacked from the spot on Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest. The police up in Brick arrested the two Cape May County residents and housed them in their county jail for the time-being.

Young and Price both were hit with multiple charges including theft, conspiracy, and burglary, all of the 3rd degree. The two were eventually moved to Cape May County where they're currently being held at the correctional facility.

If there's one lesson to be learned here, it's that you should ALWAYS lock your car. Seems like common sense, but when you're mind occupied by getting the kids from the car, bringing in all of your beach gear, groceries etc., sometimes logic can escape you for the moment. Don't forget about it. Make sure you hear that car beep ALWAYS.

The above information was provided by a press release via the Wildwood Crest Police Department.

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