After five decades making the ice cream dreams of kids of all ages come true on the beach in North Wildwood, the man known as 'Unk Dunk' has pushed his cart for the last time.

My N. Wildwood beach spot was always off 6th Ave., and I LIVED to see 'Unk Dunk' roll by with his ice cream truck.

He always indulged my craving for an ice cream sandwich or rocket pop.

But even I never knew Joseph Duncan had been in the ice cream business for as long as he has. 50 years! He started in 1973, two years before I was born! That means I've never known visits to N. Wildwood beach without him. That's impressive.

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Duncan tells, he got his job as an ice cream man after learning that veterans were eligible to apply for ice cream cart licenses. The rest is history!

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And pushing that big cart on long stretches of N. Wildwood beach sand (if you know, you know) could not have been easy, especially on hot summer days. While we'll miss the guy who also earned the nickname 'The Fudgy Wudgy Man' (and put so many smiles on so many beachgoers faces), his retirement is well deserved.

Thanks for the memories AND the ice cream, Dunk!

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