News has been breaking all over the country talking about college students who don't want the COVID-19 vaccine deciding to purchase fake vaccination cards. reports that cards have been sold everywhere from North Carolina to Chicago, Illinois after colleges all throughout the country have announced that in order to attend this fall, students must either agree to submit to weekly COVID testing or show proof of vaccination (i.e. their vaccination card). Students who either haven't been vaccinated yet or have no plan to be in the future have resorted to buying fake vaccination cards to avoid putting off school.

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While it's understandable that colleges want to ensure their students' health and well-being, what did they expect was going to happen if you make the vaccine mandatory to attend the institution. If you're allowing students to attend per a negative COVID-19 test each week, that's one thing. However, if your institution is demanding a COVID-19 vaccination, well then, there's only three words for you: what'd ya expect??

OF COURSE students are turning to fake vaccination cards in order to skirt around the mandates. It's easier than ever before for minors to obtain a fake ID. Also, it's 2021. Did people in power really think fake vaxx cards weren't going to be a thing?

In my opinion, sure, you want kids to get tested every week before they attend class? Fine. Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines to attend class, though? Eh. Not exactly on board with that. Personally, I feel for the junior and seniors. They were already attending before the pandemic hit. There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to weight their options regarding the vaccine as long as they're being safe and willing to, at least, get tested to make sure they're not asymptomatic or anything like that.

I know people will come at me with sentiments like "Oh, well you need other vaccines in order to enroll." That's true, however, those vaccines have been around for DECADES. The follow-up response will be "People have been developing MRNA vaccines for a long time, too." Listen, not as long as the other vaccines have been around. So, again, if people want to wait a few months to see how people are reacting to them, that's their right. Nothing wrong with that. All they need is that negative COVID-19 test and they should be good to go.

If more and more colleges and universities wind up making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory, then you will also see an increase in fake vaccination cards. Basic supply and demand, bottom line.


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