How's life been since they made pot legal here in the Garden State? Most would say pretty awesome. That is, if you're one who enjoys partaking every now and again 🍃💨

Who would've thought ten years ago that weed would eventually be a thriving LEGAL business here in New Jersey? Many hoped, but nobody knew for sure we'd ever to see it come to fruition. Well, we certainly have. It's a whole new PUBLIC pot-friendly existence int he Garden State now, and it's changing so much of our world.

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As of this year, you can actually STUDY weed in college. Yes, like... major in pot. "Cannabis Studies" is what they're calling it at Galloway's Stockton University.

University in NJ 1st in state to offer "cannabis studies"

They announced that beginning in the fall 2024 semester, students can choose to either major or minor in courses that will teach them the ins and outs of the legal weed business here in the Garden State.

Not only will students learn about the morals and ethics of the business side of the industry, but they'll also learn about cannabis cultivation as well as the significance of medical cannabis in today's health landscape. Pretty interesting stuff, right?

According to Stockton's School of Business Dean, Warren Kleinsmith, there is now a significant need for cannabis professionals in New Jersey that will only increase in the coming years:

It’s clearly an industry that is growing exponentially, and as a result, there are job opportunities that have surfaced, both directly within the industry as well as with ancillary jobs.... It’s an opportunity for students to capture much needed talent in a booming industry.

Find out more about Stockton's degree in Hemp and Business Management HERE.

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