It must be that time of the year!

Time for us to take a "YUGE" Pumpkin, drop it from 107.3 feet in the air, and give somebody $1,000 in Cash!

It's the Cat Country Great Pumpkin Drop! At about 8:30am on Thursday, October 27th, we'll drop a huge pumpkin - filled with 107 numbered Cat Balls from a height of 107.3 feet. We expect the pumpkin to "SPLAT" on the ground, sending those little Cat Balls scurrying every which way. We'll then determine the Cat Ball that ends up closest to the target. The "owner" of that Cat Ball will then win $1,000!

To grab ownership of one of the 107 Cat Balls, listen to Cat Country 107.3 for your chance to call in and win, each weekday from 6am - 6pm. From time to time there may be bonus chances to win at other times, also via

One you claim ownership of a Cat Ball, you just need to show up to the pumpkin drop on the morning of Thursday, October 27th. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AND CHECKED IN TO WIN. We advise you to arrive for check in by 8am.

This is the only contest where you can have someone be your surrogate and take your place. If you can't be present, you can send someone in your place. However, every person present can only be owner, or surrogate, of one ball.

Any ball not claimed at the Pumpkin Drop by 8:15am will be awarded via a drawing to people who show up, but don't have a Cat Ball already.

OK! Those are the details and the rules. Of course, they are subject to change.

Here's the nitty gritty:

Date: Thursday, October 27th. Drop at 8:30. Register by 8:15am.

Place: Garden Greenhouse & Nursery, on Route 9 in Cape May Court House (Actually, Swainton)

A big thank you to Duffield Farms for the big pumpkin, and Garton's Rigging for helping us raise up this pumpkin!


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