Even if you aren't one of our 107 qualifiers, you can still win $1,000 this morning during the Cat Country Great Pumpkin Drop!

This morning, we'll be live at Garden Greenhouse and Nursery on Route 9 in Swainton. At 8:30am, we will drop as huge pumpkin from a height of 107.3 feet. The pumpkin will be filled with 107 numbered Cat Balls. When the pumpkin lands and goes "splat", the Cat Balls will go scurrying. The ball that ends up closest to out target will win it's owner $1,000 cash!

Over the last few weeks, listeners have won ownership of the Cat Balls, but in order to win the cash, they must show up and register at the Drop by 8am. (They may also send a designated surrogate to stand in for them.)

Odds are, several people will not show up. Therefore, before the pumpkin falls, we will reassign any unclaimed Cat Balls. This will be done on a first come - first served basis. Starting at 6am, we'll start a sign-up sheet that we will use to reassign ownership any unclaimed Cat Balls. So, if you still want to win, show up and sign up!

Somebody's going to win $1,000 - it might as well be you, right?

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