Cat Country wants you to win the very first pair of tickets to see Kenny Chesney at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, May 11th!

Here's how to win, TUESDAY Morning.

At about 6:15am, Joe and Jahna will ask for a specific caller to call in and name 10 songs in our "Chesney Scramble." If you're the correct caller, and you get them all right, you win two tickets!

If we don't get a winner, we'll continue playing throughout the morning until someone gets them all and wins!

If we don't get a winner by 9:45am, we'll carry the contest over to WEDNESDAY morning.

So, you want to hear the "Chesney Scramble" so you can figure out the 10 songs? Just go to our Cat Country 107.3 App and push the "Unscramble Chesney " button! It will be available all day and night.

*** NOTE: We have changed the Scramble --- made each song longer, so, hopefully, it's easier!

Don't have the Cat Country 107.3 APP? Its free and can be downloaded in your iPhone Store or Google Play. For assistance, you can go here.

Good Luck!


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