We’ve all briefly contemplated an all-pizza diet, usually after biting into a particularly tasty slice. Englishwoman Claire Simmons has been living that dream for 31 years. Not so surprisingly, it plays out like more of a nightmare.

The 33-year-old has what is known as selective eating disorder. Meaning, if she is presented with any food that isn’t a cheese pizza she begins to shake, and is unable to eat it.  She’s still fairly healthy, which she attributes to exercise and lots of water. But her doctor has told her that her lack of  a varied diet will eventually catch up with her, and possibly even be fatal.

Simmons decided to go public with her strange eating habit after reading about Stacey Irvine, the 17-year old who can only eat Chicken McNuggets.

I’m actually scared of fruit and veg. I get so angry when people think I’m being faddy — this is a real medical condition,” Simmons explained.

Real medical condition or not, Simmons should consider herself lucky. We were always under the impression that if you eat that much pizza you would actually turn into a pizza.

[via The Sun]

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