There's a sign in a great location in Bayville saying "Dog Park Coming Soon".

We have several great dog parks in Ocean County and several in Bayville. This new location is in Bayville at a great spot. Dog parks are a great way for dogs to interact with other dogs of their size and usually the dog parks I've been too, have a special area for the smaller dogs.

Even if you don't have a dog, dog parks are so much fun. To watch these dogs run, play, and have a fun time, is just too much. My dogs love a dog park. Yes, they growl a little bit in the beginning, because they think they run the joint, but they always end up having a great time.

If you are a dog owner and want a little interaction between your dog and "some friends", a dog park is perfect for that. Most dogs, that I've seen at these dog parks, are so excited to run around and sniff other dogs.

The new dog park will be located at Bayview Avenue & Butler Avenue in Bayville. Word is around the town, that the dog park should be open by spring. This location, it's a beautiful location in Bayville. The bay is only a couple of blocks away.

I guess it's time to buy a new collar and leash for my fabulous dogs as we head out to the new dog park. That's what I do as a dog Mom, if I know my little ones are heading out for something special, I get them a new collar and leash.  When the new dog park opens, I will let you know.

South Jersey Dog Parks for Your Furry Friends

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