It's hot and you want to go swimming, right? The problem is that you don't have a pool of your own....

Well, baby, the solution comes your way right here and now.

It's callers Swimply.

Swimply is a made up word that means now you can use your neighbors pool!

For a price.

Think of Swimply like Airbnb, but kind of without the house - just the pool!

YES! You are paying to use the neighbors pool! (You coulda just hopped the fence when no one was home, you know....)

Swimply has hit New Jersey, and other states, with the idea of rental out some private pool time - at someone else's home. According to their website:

Swimply is an online platform for pool sharing that connects owners of private pools with people looking to get their hands on one. Swimply allows non-pool owners affordable access to an otherwise inaccessible luxury, while allowing pool owners to earn an effortless, substantial income from their underutilized pools.

So you can use someone else's pool...or, if you have a pool you can let people you don't know swim in your pool for a fee.

As of the writing of this article, there were no pools in the Atlantic City area up for rent, but that could certainly change at any time. Check out the website here.

So, let us know - weird or not weird?

We have found a local pool - in Egg Harbor Township! The cost to rent this pool as listed on Swimply is $30 and hour. The listing can be found here.

Among the rules: no parties, no pets, and no smoking.

Oh, one other thing of note: the pool rental does not include an access to a restroom. Um, good luck with that!


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