Along the Jersey shore, there's a yacht hotel you can rent called the Queen Nefertiti that once belonged to a Hollywood screen legend who is rumored to have lost it in a card game. 

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Where else would we find such a gem, but on Airbnb. Docked off Somers Point is the 2-bedroom, 1-bath Queen Nefertiti going for roughly $400 a night.

Here's the legend behind this yacht boat that Airbnb describes as 'a Vintage Yacht brought back from the dead':

'It was said to be owned by the classic Hollywood actor James Cagney and then lost in a card game to an heir to the Elmers Glue fortune. Its changed hands many times since then'.

The owner reportedly purchased the Queen Nefertiti some years ago and decided to restore the vessel to its former glory, transforming it into the yacht hotel he now rents to tourists.

Come on, James CAGNEY? He's Old Hollywood 'White Heat' baby! 'Yankee Doodle Dandy, 'Smart Money'. Like, Golden Era celeb!

Take a virtual tour of the Queen Nefertiti Yacht Hotel in Somers Point below:

Jersey Shore Yacht Hotel with Ties to Old Hollywood


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