Brandon knows that if the girl is from New Jersey, the engagement has to be special!

Brandon is from Delaware, while Erin is from New Jersey.

Give Brandon credit for the idea of the two people from two states uniting on what brings people from both states together - The Cape May Lewes Ferry.

Brandon pulled off the surprise of getting family members onboard the Ferry without Erin's knowledge, and he popped the question shortly after the Ferry passed into New Jersey waters.

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Wait? Doesn't this make them liable for the New Jersey Engagement Tax? I'm kidding! PLEASE - don't put that tax idea in our Governor's head! Also - I think they have to now quarantine apart from each other for 14 days. Again, don't tell the Governor.

Congratulations, Brandon and Erin!

Oh, yes, she did say "Yes!" No word on the wedding date.

We're not crying, you're crying....

Congrats to Brandon & Erin, who got engaged aboard the Ferry this past Saturday!...

Posted by Cape May - Lewes Ferry on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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