There was a surprise engagement of a couple of Cat Country listeners at the Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood over the weekend.

It happened as a surprise to Monica, from Egg Harbor Township. At least I hope she was surprised.

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I was pretty nervous that the beans would be spilled before Skyler, from Ocean City, had the chance to get down on one knee to pop the question.

Here's what happened.

A couple of weeks ago, we announced a contest on Cat Country 107.3 to find someone to propose to their girlfriend on stage at the Barefoot Country Fest. Tyler was one of the many who entered, and he ended up winning.

We worked with the Barefoot production team on a kind-of-made-up story for Monica that Skyler won a "backstage tour" at Barefoot. Skyler let both families know his plans, and the plans were underway.

The idea was for Monica and Skyler to meet us - myself and "Big Sexy" the concert host at our Cat Country stage.

SIDEBAR: Never walk around a crowded place with someone named Big Sexy. Women kept yelling "Hey, Big Sexy", and I got nothin'......

So, Big Sexy and I introduced ourselves to Monica and Skyler, and we started making the walk to the back of the stage.


As we started walking up the steps to the stage, I got the feeling that the production was a little behind schedule, and we would have to kill some time.


I was right, delayed. Ugh.


Big Sexy went to check on what was going on, while I stayed and tried to keep the couple occupied, knowing Skyler was probably thinking, "Let's go!" and Monica was probably thinking, "This is weird" - or "this is the worst tour ever!"

So, I started making stuff up and asking them to pose for photos. I said, "I think that's Carrie Underwood's bus over there, let's take a picture of you guys in front of it." (I knew full well that that wasn't Carrie Underwood's bus.... (Forgive me, Lord!)


Then, I started getting desperate. "Hey, point to that sign!"


All the while this was happening, people were scurrying about the stage, they'd look at Monica and Skyler, then at Big Sexy. I know Big Sexy interrupted at least one person who I think was going to spill the beans. "Hey, is this the proposal couple?" Yikes! Luckily, that didn't happen, and as far as I saw, not winks or nods. Ha!

"Hey, look, that's Carrie Underwood's band equipment. Let's get a photo." (It really was hers:))


So, finally, Big Sexy led us to the stage, and quickly, Skyler walked Monica down to the front of the stage and popped the question.

photo courtesy of Tammy Amoroso

Yes, she said "Yes!", and the engagement began!


Congratulations Monica and Skyler! We wish you all the luck in the world! (NOTE: this photo is a selfie, so the image is reversed. The ring is indeed on her left hand!)


Oh, here's some unrelated, but pretty cool photos from Barefoot:

That's Jessica Rose, one of our Rising Star winners performing on stage.

That's Carolyn Miller, performing on our Cat Country stage Sunday afternoon, while the sun was actually shining!

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