Andrew Zappley from West Deptford, NJ is a 12-year-old super chef!  He's worked his way through this season of 'MasterChef Junior!'

Week after week, Andrew - with a winning attitude - has presented his culinary skills for the world to see.  Gordon Ramsey has been so impressed, he hasn't even yelled at him once!

Tuesday's episode pitted the contestants against creme brulee.  Each competitor had to crisp up 20 brulee's in 10 minutes  - the chef with the most "perfect" brulee's wins.  Jimmy got 8 correct, so he wins the semifinals challenge.

His reward is picking which raspberry flavored dessert each of the remaining contestants gets to prepare.

Jimmy's smart - he gave the easiest dessert - a raspberry napoleon - to Jenna.  He wants her to nail it - then he can beat her in the finale.  The raspberry trifle he keeps to make himself, he gives the raspberry mousse to Andrew, leaving the raspberry tart, described as being the most difficult.  He hands that one over to Nathan.

Poor Jenna, her plate looks terrible!  But Ramsey mentions that it tastes pretty good.  Jimmy's trifle is a little acidic according to Ramsey, but it looks pretty good.  Nathan nails the tart and solidifies his spot in the finale.  Andrew - who had a sweetness issue in the beginning - ends up pulling out all the stops to take the second spot in the finale!

The judges have mentioned many times through the season that Andrew already thinks like a chef.  He solidified that in Tuesday's episode!

Congratulations Andrew!

'MasterChef Junior' continues Tuesday night on Fox for the finale!

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