Seasonal beer is back in a big way this year. With the pandemic keeping most people from venturing out to bars and the like as often as they normally would, many people are eager to bring their favorite seasonal beers home with them. Sure, you can usually get a growler of your favorite if it isn't sold in bottles, but again - you'd have to venture out to the bar to fill it up.

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Fans of this Yuengling seasonal beer are about to be STOKED. Lager + chocolate. Sounds like a weird combo, right? Apparently, it's delicious. That's evident given the fact that Yuengling has announced a round two for their chocolate porter style beer. shared the news this morning to their Facebook page and judging by the comments, people are excited to either try it for the first time or enjoy it again. Round two is coming with a highly-anticipated twist. Apparently, consumers will not only be able to sample the beer on tap, but they will be able to take a case home! Considering some people aren't yet comfortable with hitting the town, this news will definitely excite craft beer/funky beer lovers not planning on a big night out anytime soon.

Since the beer will be making the rounds through Valentine's Day 2021, it sounds like anyone wanting to try Yuengling's chocolate beer will surely have their chance in the next few months.




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